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stick a thousand needles in my eye

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the new kid

hey im new as you guys probably know, i'll start my entrance off right; here's sad poetry from a new mexican emo kid:

forget what i said,
and say what i forget,
glue down my gun,
glue the bullet to my head,
writing lyrics on the shower walls,
writing numbers on bathroom stalls,
growing up and being grown p,
and this all seems like im just stuck,
theres no space in between these lines,
but im ripping them apart and im crawling
the roaring silence plays a new cliche,
the deafening whisper stops the needle on the dash,
playing your mix tape over agin,
and the bands that i missed are the ones that you said,
you said...

i sat in my room and said it this time-
'and he gave himself an A
.   and a slash on each damned wrist'
and i wish it was my poem that hung from the bathroom door,
while my blood searched for the ground,
and with gravity's help thats exactly what it found,
except for when it dried to quick,
and after i was dead i knew it was shit,
the kind that keeps you up at night,
when you know god doesnt exist,
and if he does, he hates your guts,
and the black stuff in you too,
he hates your music and poetry,
he hates you and he hates me,
and he hates the pathetic rhyme that i juste used,
he hates the way that i wont lose,
and he hates the way that i love you,
but he loves, oh he loves that you hate me too.

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